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i honor my mexican family and culture through arte. my viewpoint is from a woman's perspective. like most women, i am very busy. i create arte, care for my family and teach learning challenged children. my university degree was in bacteriology. i also earned masters degrees in theater arts and educational administration at immaculate heart college. i was influenced by the wonderful serigraph artist and teacher, sister corita kent. i admire her political convictions and her use of words, imagery and brilliant washes of color to convey visual messages of hope.


my arte is narrative, it tells stories of my life, i see my work as hopeful. despite deaths, illness and close calls with death, i believe life is worth it, it is worthwhile because life is a gift of love from our parents and grandparents. this reality of love is what we see in the beloved. this precious one is always on my mind, "siempre en mi mente".


why do i paint? i create arte because it is my passion and human necessity.

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