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Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin's prose and poetry have appeared in Dismantle of VONA, Voices of our Nation; Heart Song Food Memories; Los Angeles County Latino Heritage Calendar ; Flor Y Canto Literary Festival, USC; Inscape Literary Magazine of Pasadena City College; the City of Altadena's Poetry Anthology, 2011-15; dandelion breeze and apology of wildflowers, Southern California Haiku Study Group Anthology 2013-14; The San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly 2013-14; Beyond the Lyric Moment, Tebot Bach 2014.


Luna De Leche


Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin



Sacrificial scent of a bursting moon.

Violet and taut are the veins

on your forehead.

Abundant and clear is the liquid

released down your thighs.


From you,

I am expelled

in spasms of heat and ice,

a slippery, bruised body. 


I am alone.

Torn from your velvet womb,

my desperate mouth,

my tongue, my throat cry out.

Searching for you.

Mamá.  Madre.

Luna de leche.


You give me courage.

You give me comfort.

Your milk is your gift, 

Warm healing honey.

Each breast, a promise of a

brown wooden bowl of flour,

 shortening, un poquito de agua

and a pinch of salt,

for an endless meal

of warm round tortillas.



Mi luz.

Source of endless leche

de tu ser.  


Your blood

Mi sangre

Cada gota

Cada pulso





Pleasure sweeps between us.


Stomach satiated.

Soul sanctified.


La Luna De Leche - Mi Amor, A Memoir, Stories of Family Love

copyright  © 2015 by Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin, BAMBAZ PRESS

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