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A Sonnet


Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin




Mestizo come, America, you call.

Amniotic oceans Pacific join,

break through the virgin hymen, wailing wall

from the fluids of her earthen loins.


Tender eyes burn with the new day’s fire.

Bullets shatter your bones, your flesh torn on

border fences electrified barbed wire.

Knives slash and puncture the sight of the dawn.


You are spewed out, volcanic bloodied birth.

Darkest rupture imploded then screamed out

erupted from moist entrails of madre earth.

Wails of the heart

burst purple veined brow.


Desire from the depths, takes new day’s flight.

America with stars of shattered light.




Copyright poem not to be duplicated and used without the author’s permission. ©


I am reading  my award winning poem, MEXICAN OF AMERICA

at The Southwest Museum for the 10th Annual Lummis Day, 2015.

The day, hosted by the Arroyo Arts Collective and Linda Kaye, featured six awardee poets and six guests. My poem was printed on an original Richard Duardo art postcard and poster.

The Conga Poet group livened up our readings with AfroCuban jazz


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